Case Managers
and Health Plans

Case Managers

The responsibilities of health plan case managers are vast and their work is critical to ensure appropriate patient care at home. At SurfMed, we have always understood the vital role of case managers, and the difficulties that their jobs entail. That’s why we have crafted vital provider resources that are easily accessible and save time for those selecting medical equipment and supplies.

SurfMed helps with the coordination of care and utilization management, saving time and lowering costs.

For incontinence and nutrition ordering, use SurfMed’s web-based tools to assure accurate ordering and coding.

Affiliated Managed Care Organizations have access to SurfMed’s incontinence and nutrition ordering tools.

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If you do not have credentials, simply click here to request access.

To reach SurfMed you may use the contact information here or click here to email SurfMed’s customer service staff.

Health Plans

For over 60 years, SurfMed has partnered with health plans, ensuring high quality products and services, helping to keep patients at home and healthy. We are experts in LTSS (Long Term Service and Support) for the geriatric and pediatric populations, providing well-known and hard-to-find DME and supplies for your members.

SurfMed helps to coordinate medical equipment and medical supplies, reduce costs, manage dual eligible benefits, manage utilization, and create effective programs and technologies that reduce administrative burdens. 

Partnering with SurfMed is a benefit to every MCO.

SurfMed is licensed in dozens of states, and is able to provide incontinence supplies, wound care, urological, ostomy, bath safety, aids for daily living, and more. 

We are active in Florida, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, Arizona, California, Tennessee, New Mexico, South Carolina, Michigan, Colorado, Utah, Mississippi, and Kentucky.

SurfMed and its leadership have always been engaged to meet and define the regulatory needs of the dynamic medical equipment and medical supply industries. SurfMed has worked aggressively with legislators and regulators nationwide to advise and change policy as states moved from fee for service Medicaid to Medicaid Managed Care programs.

SurfMed has educated regulators on the successful practices of other states in an effort to better all programs nationwide, drafting state fee schedules, advising regarding codes and protocols, and advancing new technologies.

Wise health plans use SurfMed a as a political and regulatory resource.

If you are with a health plan or similar entity interested in our services or interested in learning more about what SurfMed can do for you, please click here. SurfMed’s development office will be in touch with you shortly.