Who we Serve

Case Managers

We at SurfMed understand the challenges faced by medical case managers, and we commit to saving you time and money. You can’t afford to go back and forth ensuring that your clients have the right equipment, shipped as regularly as needed, including ancillary products, at the most optimal price. That’s why we handle all of this for you. Our trained personnel are here to ensure that your clients receive what they need, when they need it, and without unnecessary cost.


SurfMed’s reputation was built on providing the best possible products and services to improve quality-of-life for people at home. Every day, we meet the DME and Supply needs of patients living with chronic illness or injury and help them remain independent and at home. Health plans and the like offer expert medical assistance and services, and we support them by providing a full range of devices and equipment designed to promote patient safety and illness management, from blood sugar monitors to adjustable hospital beds, wheelchairs and more.

Hospitals and Clinics

Whether you are starting a small practice or supplying a large hospital network, SurfMed is the ideal choice. We are the number one source for durable medical equipment, such as home oxygen equipment, hospital beds, infusion pumps, walkers, wheelchairs and more. Contact our team and let them assemble a plan to serve your needs on time and on budget. Let one of our highly skilled account executives work with you or your purchasing team to structure a competitive DME acquisition and replacement plan that fulfills your hospital or clinic’s care needs and budgetary requirements.