Patient FAQs

How do I request a refill?

Send an email to
or call 888.201.7873(Surf)

How long will my supplies take to be delivered after being processed?

UPS/Fedex could take up to 2 to business days.

Where could I fax or email a Rx?

You can fax to 888-398-3149
or email it to

How long will an authorization approval take?

It depends on the health plan approval and what the order pertains to. If you have any questions regarding your order, please contact us.

If someone is requesting medical records from a doctor or lawyer’s office, subpoena request.

Email with PHI form for release of medical records.

Do you offer samples for briefs or pull-ups?

Yes, we offer First Quality samples for briefs, pull-ups, and bladder control pads (liners). Call us to obtain samples.  

What breast pump do you provide through my insurance?

Generic Brand: Drive- Pure Expressions Dual Channel electric breast pump.  If you want a brand
specific breast pump, it will be quoted and sent to your health plan for approval.

Does Surfmed provide diabetic shoes?

No, SurfMed’s does not currently offer diabetic shoes.