Powerful Tools For Case Managers

Order, track, and receive medical supplies on time, without the headache of sending faxes or making lengthy phone calls. Spend less time on the phone, and more time with your patients.

  • View and organize all of your patients in one place

  • Track shipments online

  • Manage and update patient information

  • Automatically generate prescriptions

  • Automatically generate lists of products, codes, and quantities — customized per patient

  • Fast, reliable shipping

  • One click access to delivery confirmation documents

  • Compliant with Federal and State PHI Guidelines

DME Done Right

SurfMed offers an easy-to-use portal with a simple user interface that allows case managers to organize patients and track sales orders without making lengthy phone calls or sorting through hundreds of faxes. Easily manage a list of patients and quickly view details like patient info, order status, order items, delivery time, and much more.

Product Selection Tool

Developed by industry and clinical experts, our web-based Incontinence Product Selection Tool is used by case managers to accurately calculate products, quality, quantity and size based on patient details. Patients will receive the right quantity of perfectly sized products the first time, improving overall health, quality of sleep, and skin integrity. Generate prescriptions automatically, and save time and money with accurate on-time deliveries.

Nutrition Tool

The Nutrition Tool allows case managers to input prescription information to easily generate proper codes, modifiers, and billing units for each product.